Products            Application

Rubber Hose                            Air, water, acid, steam, oil or other material
                                                  handling can be safely accomplished with
                                                  MFC's stock of rubber hose and fittings.

Flexible Duct                            Specific applications include ventilation, 
                                                  vapor recovery, pneumatic conveying and
                                                  fume removal. Rubber, fabric, metal or
                                                  plastic reinforced hose and duct.

PVC Hose                                 Economical for water, air, material handling,
                                                  corrosives and food products. Durable, yet

Tubing                                      Rubber and plastic tubing to meet a wide
                                                  range of specific requirements.

Expansion Joints                    Designed to help solve particularly challenging
                                                  motion problems created by pressure and
                                                  temperature. A size and style to fit any

Fittings                                     A variety of plastic and metal fittings included
                                                  stainless steel, permanent or reusable, to
                                                  support our full line of industrial hose.

Quick Disconnect                   Most comprehensive range of quick connect
                                                 couplings for hydraulics, pneumatics, water,
                                                 gases, chemicals and other fluids available

Hose Accessories                  Hose clamps, blowguns, safety chains, valves,
                                                 hose reels, swivel joints, nozzels, and fluid
                                                 handling components.

Metal Hose                              Designed for high temperature or corrosive
                                                 chemical environments, metal hose can be
                                                 used in a variety of applications including
                                                 steam service, hot water, tar and asphalt 
                                                 transfer, chemical handling and natural gas
                                                 service, to name a few.

Teflon Hose                            With unmatched chemical compatibility,
                                                Telflon products work well in industries
                                                such as biotech, biochem, pharmaceutical
                                                food processing, or pulp and paper.
                                                Convoluted Teflon hoses can also be used
                                                as a substitute for metal hoses in steam
                                                and water service where a highly flexible
                                                product is needed.